Menorca Property

Latest Property video, shot over in Menorca, not the biggest place but there was a thing called the SUN -

Crit welcome, obviously a mix of drone and slider work. This hasn’t gone live yet but wanted to see what you guys thought


Excellent , only thing i would say, but i’m no expert is all the slide’s are left to right, may have been nice to throw the odd right to left in, but like i said wtf do i know

Good work :clap::clap:

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Yeh I tend to agree got a bit I keep sliding right would of like to see some pan out reveal shots
But if I was a customer on the whole I would be pleased

I would ditch the opening shot as it shows the villa surrounded by other properties. The rest of the aerial shots don’t give such an impression of crowding until the shot at the end which, as a pullback, leaves less of a suburban bungalow hemmed in by neighbours vibe.

Being hypercritical from a pilot’s perspective the flight into the villa shows just a couple of “steps” rather than a smooth motion - still far better than I could achieve!

If I hadn’t been invited to be a critic I would happily have watched - the video made me want to see what the villa was offering.

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I still hope Euromillions enables me to put in an offer on the property in your first video, but I’d pass on this one … and that’s nothing to do with your video.

(Auto-incorrect offered up "but I’d piss on this one … " … but, no, I wouldn’t go that far. :wink:)


Fabulous as always Lee :+1:

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nice to hear thanks, I know what you mean by the steps down and still working on ensuring smooth panning and tilts.

Amazing how speeding the vid up shows any small imperfections up, watching this back in real time it’s hardly noticeable.

Like the comments about the crowding, will have a look at other clips to see if any better.

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@raider, mick, had a chat with Kieran who dis the slider work and the editing, in answer to left to right pans, it is because the general theory of film makers is that as we read from left to right the brain naturally welcomes the same from video pans, it is deemed as more welcoming with right to left less so.

Having said that he will look at varying them in the future to see how it feels.