🤔 Merging a P2 and an MP?

My old P2/H33D/GoPro doesn’t have FPV … and even if it did, the fish-eye of the old H3-Black wouldn’t be of interest to me.

One often sees bent MPs on eBay, and this got me thinking …

It might not be all that difficult to extract just the FPV components from an MP to fit underneath the P2.

Actually, from experience, I know that the lifting power of the P2 is quite impressive, so perhaps all I’d really need to do is remove the arms from an MP and mount the remainder under the P2.

Merging the controls and a phone might be the most tricky bit. :rofl:

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There’s a thread on here somewhere about a kit you can get that lets you put a MP inside a P2 shell I think :thinking:

Definitely rings a bell.

Would you need to undersling it? Or transplant it neatly inside so from the outside it looked the same?

I’ll see if I can find that other thread.

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It’s a P3/P4 looking shell kit that takes the full working bits from an MP.

If it was possible to split the components suitably, then there’s probably space inside for everything other than gimbal/camera … but bespoke cables to fit might be pricey. Gimbal/camera -> gimbal control board -> tx/rx.

So - custom box underneath would probably be easier - only power being needed and using original MP internal cabling.

Ahhh right, knew it sounded familiar.

Main board will probably be the hard one? (from a size / fit perspective).

If it’d fit physically you could get busy with a soldering iron!

Chances are that splitting out the electronics … keeping Occusync and maintaining camera/gimbal control whilst not having all the GPS/ESCs/etc to keep the overall MP controller happy would be the tricky bit.

A simple under-slung box would probably be easier - for several reasons. Wouldn’t need a large battery - the MP battery is mostly the size it is for the motors.


YES i remember that,think it was called a FANVIC??? :wink: :wink: :+1: :+1:
oh,hang on, i think that was the guts of a phantom in a mavic style body!!! my bad… :grimacing: :grimacing: :thinking: :rofl:


You could have been right. But it was all of the guts of one in a body like the other, and I’m wanting to merge two … perhaps.

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That could be quite interesting… :+1: :+1: :+1: :wink: :wink: :+1:
FRANKENMAVIC,FRANKENPHAN??? :wink: :wink: :grinning: :grinning:

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I think the problems of splitting the guts of an MP such that it still works for video downlink are rather problematic … even if I knew how.

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Would love to see the results though… :wink: :wink:

Why not go this way round? :wink:

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Very simple. For that you need a P3 or later that already has FPV. I have a P2 with no FPV.
If I had a Phantom with FPV I wouldn’t be considering doing anything.

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Ah!, I forgot that this is for the P3 :frowning_face:

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Even the P2V won’t work with that … and I don’t have the “v” bit.

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Maybe these links are of interest …

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unfortunately, as mentioned above, these are to convert the P3 or P4 to into a Mavic look-alike (although bigger) using all the existing internals and gimbal/camera and a new Mavic looking shell that accommodates them.

As in the OP - my starting point is an early P2 that never had any FPV, and I want to keep/use the Phantom body shell …. but adding to it the FPV components from an MP.

Thanks tho.