Merry Christmas from Leeds

Hi I’m Andy been flying for awhile now
Started with a phantom 3 pro and got the bug

Right now the birds I fly are

Phantom 4p+
Inspire 2

Look forward to some meeting up.

Best regards


Hi @DroneUnit and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Wow, that’s some fleet you have there!! :+1:

We’ve a few Mavic + Spark members and a couple of Inspire members too.

Which one are your flying the most? And which is the most fun? :smiley:

I take it that’s your fleet in your avatar pic?

Once again, welcome to GADC!

Hi Andy just joined too, I live in Leeds.
Been flying model airplanes for years. Just got my first GPS drone, hoping to get some films of the dales where I have been hiking for years too, so know them well.

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thanks for the invite and the very warm welcome.

yea its my current fleet been very lucky to have so many haha

fav is a hard one but most fun id say the spark as you can just take it out and fly.

mostly fly the Mavic for the ease of setup but im starting to use my p4p+ more as i have just got the polerpro filters and the camera on that thing in amazing.

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Would you like to meet up some time and go flying?

Hi Andy, welcome to GADC, very pleased to have you with us. Awesome fleet you’ve amassed there. I was bitten enough by the Mavic Pro to add a Spark to my roster but that’s as far as I go for now.

I am hoping to go to our flying field tomorrow , near almscliffe crag on greenmires lane. Get the maiden flights done and hope to feel more confident about flying my new drone. Where do you take yours?

All over really find my self around Huddersfield a lot as there are plenty of reservoirs.

Merry Christmas from Oldham!

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