Mersey Crossings, Runcorn

Sunset over the Runcorn Bridge, especially at low tide, is a peaceful glorious place to be. And then as night falls, the new Mersey Crossing comes into its own.


Great set of photos Geoff, that last one is lovely :+1:t2:

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The Golden Hour Flyer Badge has been added to your profile as a result of these. :+1:


Fabulous, thank you.

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Lovely shots :ok_hand:

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These are gorgeous @Geoff.C Id love to take some shots like these :+1:t2:

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Beautiful stots Geoff well captured :+1:

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Hey hey … thanks folks

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Brilliant :+1:

I’ve changed my mind lol, looking at these again the 4th one is my favourite, love the composition. :+1:t2: