Messing with new toys

Short vid shot using Osmo Mobile 3 and iPhone 8. First edit with Da Vinci Resolve.

I have much to learn with both!

Hints, tips and (gentle) critism welcome!

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Well done on Resolve! Looks like you (and I) need to practice the ninja walk for the Osmo, It shows up in so many 2 axis gimbal videos - the X and Y axes are smooth but the Xaxis, when walking shows the natural up and down movement. There is a special way of walking though I’ve never managed it that is supposed to eliminate this. The stupid thing is that if you weren’t using a gimbal the motion would be less noticeable among all the other movements.

Did you have many shots where the wind caught the camera and overcame the gimbal motors?

Wind was too bad, rain was more of an issue :joy: and yes, need to change the gait. Maybe just stick to stationary pans and shit! :joy: Don’t know if the Pocket has the same problem?

It’s a problem common to all unless they are fitted with a Z axis arm which, strangely enough I have ordered for my Osmo + with a Z5 camera, has been shipped from Winchester to DPD Southampton, taken to DPD POrtsmouth for delivery to me last Friday, an “unexpected event occurred” and the arm seems to have spent time travelling to Birmingham and back and is apparently due for delivery tomorrow.

Any way, back to the plot:

And this article may help.

I think it’s pretty much like UAV flying - the more practice, the better the results :slight_smile: