Mexico 2018 (First "Proper" Photos)

Here are a couple of the shots i took whist i was in Mexico a few weeks ago. All of the photos were taken over a two day period and were taken with exactly the same settings! (ND16 and auto)

I have had a play with them in Photoshop however as these are really my first proper shots i haven’t quite found the best settings for them, so i will be gradually changing and adding more photos here over the next few days depending on time.

Enjoy :sunny:


Just added some more :new_moon_with_face:

Fantastic photos @Woolnut :+1:

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The colours have come out really well in this photo… :sun_with_face: (btw, thanks for the badge!)


Super photos there!!

Great photos @Woolnut. No issues flying there?

Nope, there would have been if i had taken the drone to places like Tulum or Coba. They don’t like drones on national heritage sites! On the beach area around the resort i was fine, had plenty of people asking me questions about the drone!

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Hi, I’m off to Riviera Maya soon, I asked TUI about ant restrictions in/around the hotel and was sent an article, which basically said foreigner’s are not allowed to fly drones in Mexico? Have also read a few bad experiences of them being confiscated at customs, so alas I don’t feel like taking the risks.
Pity, would have loved to try and get some great shots like yours, thanks for sharing.