MicroDrone 4.0 anyone?


While I wait for the return of my Mavic, I’m looking at this and thinking…

I could carry that with me at all times…
Less that £100
Less than 250gms?
Will it work?


With shipping £110
Sold to mad old grey haired man
Thanks @JJN you just made an old man poorer :thinking::thinking::grin:


You just backed a new drone?
It’s not for the purchase, you will have to wait till June to get it!, assuming they get the financial backing.


If I’m still alive in June…


I smell something here?, and i think it does not not smell of Cat Poo !.


And here’s a picture of our new kittens


think i would have stuck for a “tello”, at least the cats would have something to chase now.


Crowdfunded drone ! (that’s if you ever get it !)