Microsoft ICE - Pano Stitching Problems

Some Mavic 360s it stitches perfectly … for either the interactive pano, or the Tiny Planet.

Others it seems to fail positioning some of the images very well - due to similar detail (muddy rugby pitch, 5-a-side pitch surface, etc.

Is there some way of “helping” it to position correctly?

It’s not something I’ve ever used I’m afraid :frowning:

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I changed a setting that I didn’t understand and it seemed to work OK. LOL!

Ha! Easy fix :smiley:

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What was the setting ??

Errrr … I can’t actually recall, right now.
Used it quite a bit, since, without any issues.

My Pano i tried before I sent it back failed on three points, think I can force it to save the images and I can stitch it better myself. Will try when I get my new one.

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I find the improved resolution from stitching the images from the SD card far superior to the rather low res ones created on the phone.

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