MiFi - mobile broadband

I can’t remember or indeed find the forum member who suggested to another member that they should get a MiFi to overcome map cache (or that should be non cache re the version of mapping [Here Maps] in Litchi on CrystalSky).

I’d never heard of MiFi - other than a fruit flavoured lolly with ice cream in the middle, oh no that was a Mivvy :crazy_face:, so I investigated. It’s a device that creates a WiFi hotspot so that you can access the internet, etc., by setting the WiFi on your particular device to the one produced by the MiFi device.

After much research I bought one yesterday from the Maplins closing down sale - a TP-Link M7530 for just over £52 (https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/tp-link-m7350-4g-lte-mobile-wifi-a01yj). It covers 2G, 3G and 4G, can operate at either 2.4 or 5 GHz, has up to 8 hours continuous use from its battery, and you can run up to 10 devices from it at once. Slightly larger than a credit card, quite a bit thicker. It’s unlocked so you can put any network SIM card in it.

Anyway, took it out this afternoon in this glorious sunshine onto the Rivington moors, in the middle of nowhere, with an EE data card installed, and run the Mavic Pro. Set on 5Ghz, got a 4G signal so loading and moving maps was a breeze on the CS both in Go4 and Litchi. When I connected my IPad I was able to download and cache maps from all over Europe even! It’s gong to be a fabulous asset on my Band of Brothers trip next month - get a data sim for France and Belgium, and in August in the USA, and waypoint missions on Litchi will be a go!

Whoever you are sir, I am very grateful for introducing me to the world of MiFi :+1::ok_hand::+1::grinning:.


How much for the EE data card? Did you have to set up a new account for it?

The one I got, just to test the actual system, was £10 for 2Gb data and text and phone numbers lasting 30 days. I know I paid over the odds but I didn’t know how much data would be used in caching maps. In the end, having set it up, adjusted the settings (a breeze), played with it on four devices, and done some Go4 and Litchi missions I’ve only used 105Mb from my 2Gb allowance. When you’ve used it either get another card or top-it-up on-line.

Yes you do have to set up an account but the EE card came with 55Mb “to get you started” and you don’t pay up until that has been used and you start on your actual allowance. Both EE and 3 do preloaded data cards, 24Gb, which last for 12 months so use sparingly or as you wish.

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I installed a MiFi in the motorhome a few years back, very handy gadgets :slight_smile:

I use a Giffgaff SIM card :+1:

Barry, got to ask though, if you need data on the CS while out and about why not just pair it with your phone mate?

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A few reasons Rich:-

  1. As a tech geek I like having one device for one function where possible. That’s why I bought both sizes of a dedicated drone flying monitor - the CS, the smaller one for portability and main use and the larger one for more screen real estate, especially running Litchi waypoint missions.
  2. I don’t want to run the risk, however small, of losing contact with the drone if I’m tethered to my phone and someone rings or texts me.
  3. If I plan to go to somewhere, either here or abroad (my BoB tour next month comes to mind) where my current network provider can’t deliver 4G I can get a cheap data SIM for one that does and use that in the MiFi and still have phone access (rather than swapping SIMs in the phone and being out of touch at times).
  4. I’m an old giffer.
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I have used one for about 3 years. Mine is on the ‘Three’ network and I pay £14 per month for 20gb of data.