Milk or Plain?


Quick poll:

Do you use a light or a dark theme for the forum?

Mine is dark background @ night then goes light back ground in the day, it’s to do with my back ground settings, unless your on about something completely different :thinking::smiley:
Otherwise I’d vote for both but it won’t let me

Edit that is on iOS,

Dark. But my overall system settings might be doing it automatically.

Same here on Android 13, dark from sunset to sunrise. My forum preference is set to Light.

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I like it the way it is

So I haven’t voted, that said, I’m wondering if no matter what colour it is ( milk or dark ) set from the committee, would it still do it’s thing,
The white @ Night really hurts your eyes after a while but that’s just my thought ….

My Samsung phone is running light but the ipad is dark, which is handy at night for not having burned retinas


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Bit concerned as the vote is currently 52% / 48% :joy:

There is a reason behind the question.

Photos look different according to the colour of the background. This Chall Comminion edits in Luminar 4 and GIMP, both set to a black background. When seen on my own, black, GADC background the pictures look as intended. Seen on a white Chall Com background they don’t look as expected. With the current Brexit split in the voting the only solution may be to turn everything grey …

GADC can be switched from white (default) to black by clicking on your avatar (top right), clicking on the wee man top right of the window that appears then Preferences, Interface then checking the box " Enable automatic dark mode colour scheme".

Interesting the number of people that view primarily on a mobile device rather than a desktop or laptop, That may be the subject of another poll … :slight_smile:

We had one of those I recall many moons ago, just can’t seem to locate it.

And things may have changed since then Chris as phones and tablets have evolved fairly quickly. Yesterday I was installing an Android head unit (8 core, 8GB and128GB) into a convertible and thinking of the legality of sitting with the roof down, engine and heaters running, radio on and controlling a drone via the unit.

Might as well be comfortable while flying :sunglasses:

I always go for a dark theme, the bright white of the light themes on any site scares the beJesus out of my eyes😂
I always view GADC on my phone, on the go. Or on the bog.

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That reminded me of the one and only time I used a stick welder without a mask. Yes, seriously. I was a young apprentice and didn’t know fuck all. I burned through 3 rods. Ended up in A+E and not working, or in fact doing anything that required eyes, for 3 weeks. Still gives me problems 30 years later.

Done it myself using a plasma cutter for 2 days with no goggles on & off, jeeeez, I could not open my eyes or close them, my dad warned me, I didn’t listen :tired_face:

Yep arc eye is the most painful thing I have ever experienced, I too was an apprentice at the time. I also had a date that night at the pictures, the girlfriend thought I was weird because I cried all the way through Alien. Also screamed the house down in the night when my Mum came in to my room and turned the light on. Very dark sunglasses and eye drops for weeks.

Yep arc eye, F###### awful, I ended up in A&E too, they put cocaine drops in my eyes, when I came home from work which my dad knew what I was doing, as he was a qualified welder gas, arc welder etc etc, he said you wait, your be up at 2 in the morning, how right he was, terrible !

We could make a thread in Droning On - Industrial accidents I have caused / suffered …

As a response to the initial question, and what people see, there are of course two considerations …

  • Device Default Theme - Dark/Light
  • Forum Theme - not set/ set light /set dark

Checking the forum data, only about 300 people have set a specific theme - and it’s as close to 150/150 as makes no odds.

Must admit, I didn’t know about a dark option until this topic :joy:

Mind you can’t say I have ever picked a dark theme - maybe if I did I wouldn’t wake my wife up at 3am :joy:

Fuck ups we made at work and got away with is always a great topic. :+1: