Mini 2 album isn't showing panos

I certainly don’t want to open the old Mini 2 pano threads again but this is a strange one. I took several panos in Berwick and St Abbs at the weekend with the Mini 2. When I looked in the album in the DJI Fly app, some of them are there, a couple of them aren’t showing. The raw files and jpgs are all on the card though. Any ideas?
I can obviously build them from the card images but I just wanted a quick look.

Did any of the images in the missing sequences fail for some reason or produce an unusable result? I think something like that might have happened to me.

Nope. I have 26 Raw files and 26 JPGs on the card. No pano in the DJI album though.

@sprill22 you were right after all. It was one of those ones over water (most of mine are!) and it didn’t manage to stitch all 26. I tried stitching it in Autopano Giga and it would only do 19 of the 26 images. Presumably 7 of them all looked the same. Here’s the result, problems with the sea and the sky.

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