Mini 2 first flight for a while

Have not been flying all summer due to a family members bereavement, first pics for a while.


Fantastic pics ,I’ve not flown my mini 2 in a while either.
Need to get it back in the air .
Awesome drone.

Sorry for your loss @Diveuk :confused:

Love that last pic of The Big One :heart_eyes:


Gread photos, although I did think that the top one was an electronic component for a moment with a ribbon connector at one end.

But then I am on my phone :joy: :joy:


Isn’t the first picture a power regulator for a Tesla. :confused:

Great pictures, its a long time since I’ve been to Blackpool.

@Sergehog don’t touch the 2 ohm resistor in the middle as you walk past, it gets very hot…