Mini 2 front arm replacement

I finally got round to replacing the front right arm on my Mini 2, after I caught it on one the gates at Big Meet last month. I believe the one below is the culprit, just in front of John @Hotrodspike in the pink tutu (which I then donned for crashing :persevere: ).

When the replacement arm arrived, i realised why it was so cheap, unlike the previous arm I purchased. This one came without the motor, antenna and wiring loom. It was bare bones. Which made the job a tad more interesting.

The hardest bit was getting the wrap off, so that I could try and reuse it. Especially around the glue, aka ‘Spotweld 4200’ that @Yith kindly provided me at the ‘crash site’. But about an hour later, jobs a good’n.

I had to replace the pair of props for the arm too, as one was badly burred, the other was missing its tip.

[The new solar shed (man cave) in in the background, which is why I’ve been awol for the past few weeks]

Crap weather, but a quick test to prove it still flies fine. All good :+1:


Repaired just in time to get involved in the Birthday Challenge Chris :smiley:

Not me mate, I am yet to don the fabled garment in anger (but looking really sexy)!

I’m looking forward to it mate. Looks like a good turn out so far. My legs are all repaired from the Big Meet :joy: … although need to watch my knee still - I’ve the final physio next month, where they tell me if i’m having surgery - or not.

Good repair well done!

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Glad to hear it, they took a good beating that weekend lol

Keeping fingers crossed for you mate :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thats a nice tidy repair too by the way :+1:t2: How do the motors actually fix to the arm? What kind of screw pattern do they use? Just curious :thinking:

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Cheers Steve.

Just 3 tiny screws, nought else. I dropped one on the carpet. Took a good 5 minutes to find the bugger :man_facepalming:



Had that the other day … bright torch along the floor to try and spot a tiny reflection. It worked … eventually.

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Good job on the repair and hear you’re well. I did think ‘not seen a post by clinkadink for a while and hope is ok’ a few days ago.


All well, cheers Ade :+1:


Good job neighbour, glad to see you are alive and kicking :grinning:

The man cave looks great, any pictures inside just a nosey next door neighbour :joy:

Is that the new shed ;o) looks good

Cheers neighbour :wink: Legs repaired, brain and kidneys recovered, and actually 9kg lighter now … after all the grafting on the shed.

The outside is done, the inside is about 80% there. It’s been plasterboarded, skimmed, painted, skirting, flooring, lights and sockets in and working. Just waiting for the solar kit to arrive. I suppose phase 1, ‘the shed’ is done … now phase 2, ‘the solar shed’ commences :wink: I’ll start a new thread with some pix :+1:

Cheers Chris, it is indeed. A triple insulated man-cave with all the mod cons :clap:


My other half is more jealous than me I think! :joy: