Mini 2 Gimbal Stuck

Flew yesterday morning from the garden. M2 & battery had come out of a warm house into 0C conditions. M2 was turned on in the house and was in the air as soon as it got signal outside, up to 120mtr for a 360 and after taking a few of the 360 photos, 800117 gimbal stuck.

Dropped to 40mtr, tried another 360, all OK.

I’m assuming it was something to do with taking a warm drone outside into the freezing cold and up high where it was probably even colder. Lesson learned.

Flew it again in the afternoon, no more errors.

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Just a thought… is there any need to go up to 120m for the 360? I’ve just done the A2CofC course with UAVHub and the trainer repeats several times that the world looks much the same from 200ft as it does at 400ft so I think in the cold weather (+4 degrees air temp is enough for ice to form on the rotors) I’d definitely be erring on the side of caution.

Personally I don’t think I’ve ever taken my drones over about 60m… I get vertigo looking up at it when it gets that high!


Trying a 360 from various heights, I was also going high to get a better photo of the distant hills with some of the city’s standout buildings.

I often wondered the same.

Hangar360 used to climb to 90m :thinking:

I’m assuming Hangar chose that number for a reason, they must have done a significant amount of research.


It’s wind related not temperture being that high up even though you think there’s no wind, it take about 3 shots and as gimble facing up this is when gimble is fighting to come back down in which fails to complete task and resets.

being at 90mtrs is about right as your get same depth but zoom in much closer on final result.

If your looking for more height just trial and error in catching a good day but good luck with winter air currents :rofl::rofl::rofl: