MIni 2 landing on hand

Seen a few vids on YouTube of flyers doing TOAL of their Mini 2 using the palm of their hand. But there are sensors on the bottom of the drone and I watched a vid recently where someone placed their hand underneath their Mini 2 when it was 5 feet off the ground and immediately the bird detected the hand and gained altitude. Obviously the sensors detected the hand as an obstacle. So in that case how are the folks showing the hand TOAL vids doing that? Are they covering over the sensors with tape on the bottom? What I’m I missing here?

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I do it all the time with my Mini 2 and M2P, the sensors will detect your hand rise up a bit and when your hand is recognised it will land on it, same as if the drone is landing on the ground.

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Yeah I got it now. Just watched the vid posted by milkmanchris that explains what’s going on. Why is the answer always in the one single YouTube vid that I didn’t watch. LOL. !!! That cracks me up. Must have watched half a dozen vids on this topic APART from the one that had the answer :slight_smile:

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I almost never land on the ground with my Mini 2. Bring the drone close, put your hand under neath and it rises a few feet, keep the left joystick pulled down as though landing on ground and the drone slowly arrives at your hand.
It’s especially satisfying if you know someone is watching you from behind.
You can bring the drone in pointing at you, you can see the screen so you know who is behind you and the fact that they are staring at you. :slight_smile:
Slowly aproach yourself, stick out your hand and hand-land.
Outwardly…yeah, do it all the time…no big deal.
Inwardly…thank goodness that worked, I’d have looked a right prat if the prop had chopped me up a bit. lol :slight_smile:


Having had a mini for 10 days, I always TOAL from hand (apart from indoors, but only done that once). It is satisfying I must admit.

Useful piece of advice a friend gave me who very experienced. Keep the drone above eye height (min 3m) other than landing… For your eyes. Shud be plastered everywhere that advice

Though be careful with those props esp with your eyes. Though this wasn’t a take off, I was “pushing it” to show someone how good it was at hovering… Hurt a fair bit, but mainly superficial, and did nothing to the drone!

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Gawd! That’s nasty.
I guess wind is the arch enemy. You def want to TOAL with wind gust direction away from the body so at least of something goes wrong the drone is moving away rather than towards you.

My first hand catch of the Mini was also not perfect. :roll_eyes:

I nearly always land in my hand #handland ?

Need a flat hand every time or the props will eat your fingers.

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I do exactly the same with my M2P and M2.

I’m a new mini 2 pilot and have hand caught a few times. I never ‘catch it’ with my fingers though, always land flat on my palm with fingers and thumb bent down as much as I can. No doubt one day I’ll get whacked :joy::joy:. Just need to learn how to hand launch now so the dog doesn’t have a fit when I take off :joy::joy:

I’ve got the folding landing gear and always hand land with fingers and thumb either side of the skis. Blades well out of the way and sensors still notice your hand despite it not being flat.

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@w00dy67 hand launching is easier than landing, the hard part is balancing the remote whilst you move the sticks down to start the motors but once the motors have started just throw the drone up and it will hover, another way is to use the auto launch button, either way make sure your hand is flat, lots of videos on YT.


I got a bit over confident landing my mini 1 on my hand this week. Was out filming and had already landed on my hand in front of a walker and all was good. Moved to a new site and fortunately there was no one there. I took off from my hand all good, filmed what I wanted and was landing. Usually I Iand with the drone facing me, I think I saw this on a YouTube video. For some reason I attempted to land with the drone facing away from me. (The rear rotors are lower than the front ones.) The drone landed on my hand but the rotors didn’t shut down as they usually do. I went to grab the drone with my thumb ( I don’t know why, it was on my hand) and the rotor commenced slicing my hand between my thumb and first finger. It then did an emergency stop, fortunately… I spent the next few minutes stopping the bleeding and then continued with my walk/shoot.