Mini 2 near Barmouth Bridge, Wales

Last night we started our channel on YouTube with a short flight around Barmouth and my first real go at editing drone footage.

Lots to learn but we all start somewhere.

Hope this post works and you enjoy!


Looks great for a first real :+1:

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Thanks, using LumaFusion on the iPad and just learning from YouTube

Nice job Simon - well put together :clap: :clap: :clap:

Lumafusion is a great app :+1: :+1: :+1:

Thanks :v:t3:

Yea I’m really that great with computers so chose LF to try and seems to be a good choice so far.

Great video Simon. Barmouth is one of favourite places to visit, so this was lovely.

Thanks, we really enjoy it there to. Weather certainly made it better

not that great*

Great stuff

I’ve edited your post for you, to get the nice one box preview and embedded player just paste the link into a line of its own with no spaces (no need to use the link button)

Thanks Chris, I was trying to work that out but failed :rofl:

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Looking good so far Simon!

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Great start and wish you all the best for the new channel !!!

Thank you, channel is just a great way of remembering all the trips we do and if someone else gets to enjoy it all the better