Mini 2 RC and Redmi Note 10 Pro phone holder positioning

This is not just a DJI RC problem… LOL

Holders for phones want to clamp your phone (landscape position) with clamps that squeeze either the off/off or volume toggle!

I struggled to my last note 5 and now this Redmi Note 10 Pro in a position where the clamp was not fouling or operating anything; but even then if your screen display goes off… operating the on/off button is tricky without a long finger nail under the clamp bar is not easy.

I see a 3D print design coming on - to put the pressure elsewhere… :thinking: :thinking:

Rotate it 180 degrees, so the USB slot is on the left. Job done.

Have the same thing, well had, with a HolyStone and Pixel phone.
Rotation won’t help as the switches then just foul the base of the clamp, and offsetting the phone adds a huge imbalance to the controller.
Answer, a few minutes to make and print up a small standoff rail the protects the switches which has worked for me.

I’d try that willingly but have a harness gadget fitted into the base that flattens the whole of the lower edge :roll_eyes:

still thinking… :+1:t2:

Thanks @Nickj_UK

would you happen to have the .stl for that or a picture and I’d make one myself.

Any ideas are useful. :+1:t2:

Or set screen to wake on a double tap, if you have a password set you will need to enter it. You can then use either to wake screen.

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Never thought of that… presume mine would be able to do that. Thanks

If i dont get it right… i usually find the volume goes down… or screen goes off.

I think I’ll try a design too as well…

Found double tap function and it wakes up the display great… after pwd of course.

Thanks @MrWinter :sunny:

All that it is needed is a U shaped section, the internal height of the U just clears the buttons and the lower edges of the U are shaped to mate to the phone or case.
Doesn’t need to be very thick, a 1mm wall is all you need.
Mine is built around a pixel 6 in a case so might not be quite the right size for anyone elses phone/case combo but I can post if needed. I suspect it will manage to work on most phones.

Thanks @Nickj_UK

That’s an interesting solution… I’ll do some measurements.

There is not a lot of leeway with the bracket at full stretch and a larger phone.

You don’t need any clearance on the buttons themselves, well no more than .5mm at most so overall the button cover can be quite ‘thin’. That means that all you need is 1.5mm ‘spare’ movement in the holder section for it to work.
Mines works even with a larger phone and a case. At worst strip off the foam off of the holder to but an extra .5mm

I appreciate your guidance in this @Nickj_UK

I’ll try a few things out and post back :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if I understand the issue then. How does a harness affect this issue?

When using my Mini 2 with my Redmi Note 10 Pro, I noticed that if I clip the phone into the Mini 2 controller’s bracket so that the phone’s USB port is on the right hand side … the top of the controller’s bracket puts pressure on the phone’s power button, which frequently switched off the phone.

My suggestion was to rotate the phone 180 degrees so that the phone’s power button is below the phone, instead of up top. The controller’s USB then goes into the phone’s USB socket which is now on the left (not right).

Since doing this, I have no more issues with the phone powering off due to the controller’s top bracket.

Thanks for responding @clinkadink

if I hadn’t got a harness bracket it would fix everything…

Nearly the whole of the bottom edge of the holder is filled in with the harness bracket…

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This one is a better option

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I can’t see the point in a lanyard unless I’ve a large tablet connected. Which I do with the M2P. If I were to do the same with the Mini 2, I’d try and avoid one that uses that top edge to fasten. Something like this seems better, and it protects the controller too.


They are not the best @clinkadink Chris, a bit weak

Like you at drinking :joy::wink:


That’s it. I’m charging you double for the neighbour’s pitch next time :laughing:

Scratch that then. But I still prefer the mounting position. Central, not up top.

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Mrs Dink is a lucky lady ;o)