Mini 2 RC and Redmi Note 10 Pro phone holder positioning

I don’t mind trying the other mounting clip if it frees up the on and volume toggle when the phone is reversed.

I prefer a harness just for the freedom it offers

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I’ve ordered a different bracket now. Thanks @clinkadink

I like the idea of a lanyard despite just for phone use with the RC.

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Thanks @Sparkyws

ordered similar bracket… only cos this one was from China and don’t want to wait :roll_eyes:

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The new lanyard bracket - Neck Hanging Strap Lanyard Sling Set for DJI Mavic air 2s air2 mini2 Accessories | eBay - came today and, with the suggestion in this thread of turning the phone 180 degrees (power lead on the left) the phone controls are not touched if moved slightly to the left of centre.

The edge of the phone sits on the red plane now and not close to the phone’s control edge anymore thanks to this bracket’s lower profile.

… that along with the double tap on the screen, to wake the display up (suggestion), has made life a bit easier… Thanks for everyone’s input. :+1:t2: :grinning: