Mini 2 - what’s going on?

Hi Guys,
Any help appreciated; took the video (YouTube link below) with my Mini 2 and there’s something strange happening to the mountains?
I’m not very experienced with filming/video but would be grateful of any suggestions; is it my Mini 2 having a wobble, maybe heat haze, or some other strange effect?
Main reason for asking is whether it is the actual drone camera or not?
Many thanks, Dave.

Looks like ‘jello’ when vibration from the drone interacts with the camera shutter frequency - check the gimbal is moving freely, and the same for all the motors. Also check the condition of the props


As @MartG1960 says - it looks like “jello” caused by vibration. Looks quite severe for a Mini 2 so should be fairly obvious prime cause - as already said - check the props and the gimbal for freedom of movement.
Out of interest - what were the weather conditions ??

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As others have said, it’s going to be vibration happening somewhere. I’ve had this happen to me before and when I checked the condition of the drone there was a single grain of sediment in the gimbal which was causing it to not move as freely as it should. Also had weird effects happen to the camera when the wind was above what the drone can comfortably handle. The Mini 2 will shows signs of the gimbal struggling to compensate for wind well before it starts to drift. Especially if the wind speed is unsteady and not constant - like gusting - or there’s something nearby causing turbulent vortices.

Hi Guys,
Thanks for your speedy response, and for putting my mind at ease that it’s not the drone that’s faulty.
I had a “flyaway” not long ago and DJI replaced the drone, so it’s basically new; although I will check the gimbal for any debris, grains of sand etc.
It was fairly windy at the time, although I never got any warnings, and gusty too, so maybe the drone was fighting a gust at that moment?
I also took some images that were disappointingly blurry; I suppose this was caused by the same jello effect?

Its an earthquake then. :rofl: :rofl:

Yeah, if the shutter speed is slower than the motion of the camera will obscure then it’ll cause a motion blur effect.

Thanks, I’m realising that there’s a lot of technical issues that go with getting a good image apart from the obvious!

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Volcanic eruptions :volcano: possibly?

Now why didn’t I think of that one! :sweat_smile:

Is that a file uploaded straight from the SD or have you put it through some edit software?

Can you upload the original file?

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Hi, I just did it through the flyapp, as it was easiest at the time; I’ll upload the original file from card later when I get back :+1:
Any help/comments much appreciated as I took a few clips and many images to stitch into a pano, but most of the images are blurry :pensive:

I’ve never seen the effect before … out of curiosity I’m assuming the live feed to the monitor during flight looked normal?

well, it was bright sunlight, I was wearing contact lenses for distance and then reading glasses to see the phone screen (I know, I’m old :man_shrugging:t2:), but to be honest, even then I felt there was an issue with the clarity, but just put it down to the above, thinking all would be good on the card :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks. Never having experienced it (I only really use mine for stills) I was just curious. One of these days I will try the video!

BTW, I need reading glasses to see the screen too … we are all getting older sadly :grinning:.

I did take lots of images to stitch together in a multi image pano and was very hopeful seen as the sea was calm and the sun brought out the colours, but was disappointed when I got the files off the card.
I was also using an ND8CPL as I thought this would reduce the glare on the water (my CPL filter is at the bottom of the ocean along with my flyaway drone :grimacing:) not sure if this has anything to do with it?

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When you say “disappointed” in what way were you disappointed?

I suppose I was hoping the images would be sharper?

Here is one of the images; maybe I’m just expecting too much from the quality of the camera?

220512 (61).DNG (23.4 MB)

Hi, I’ve used WeTransfer before to upload to an email, but excuse me if I’m being a bit thick, but can I use it to upload here?
cheers, Dave.

Create a link ;o)