Mini 2: What Speed is the Most Efficient?

I like to fly my drone quite far from me, especially in the open spaces, like over the sea. From the brief testing I’ve done I’ve noticed that the battery draw is super high in the sport mode and the drone can’t go far.

I tend to fly in normal mode but would cinematic mode allow me to cover more ground? Has anybody tested it?

There are some outside factors in play like the wind. It’s best to assume low wind. Although, it could be useful to know the most efficient speed against high winds too.

It’d have the opposite effect and be far too slow, you’d run out of battery because of the “time it would take to get anywhere” factor.

Stick with normal mode for the best distance-to-battery life.


Thanks, it makes sense for the normal mode to be the most efficient :slight_smile:

Drag is proportional to the square of the speed so the faster you go, the more power you need to overcome it. Therefore greater battery drain to achieve that power.

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