Mini 3 compared to Mini 3 Pro

Tried to find a topic on this but couldn’t seem to locate one, so thought I would ask. I have the opportunity to get a Mini 3 with RC controller for next to nothing, to use as a backup (spare) drone. How does it compare to the Mini 3 Pro with N1 controller? Any thoughts? Waste of money?

Thanks in advance all :blush::+1:t2:

If it really is next to nothing then the RC controller alone might be nice upgrade to then use with the Mini 3 Pro.

Drone themselves are mostly similar in operation, Pro version has the additional sensors for the front and back movement so automous flight will have object avoidence. Camera is better quality (higher ISO range and 48 Megapixel Image mode) and Pro uses O3 transmission (vs the O2) for better range.

Can’t say waste of money or not without a deal price but the RC controller is £250 by itself so depending on how much above that becomes the drone cost. Is a second drone worth that difference?

£400 for the Mini 3, I agree about the controller. Argh I still can’t decide :weary:

I have the Mini 3 and love it. I have no plans to upgrade to the 3 Pro anytime soon…