Mini 3 Pro - A trip through the trees

This is my first video of flying through trees.
The dene is privately owned and permission was granted for the flight…

It’s also my 1st attempt at posting a youtube link so hope I get this right!


Really nice work, makes me want to head for the forest myself!

Many thanks for your kind comment @The_Stuffitect. This was a really good exercise in spatial awareness/ perception - must do it again soon!

Nice one, May I ask if the music is available for all or on subscription.

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Music credits are in the YouTube comments.

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Thanks @angliaflyer, the music is available for all under a Creative Commons licence, please see credit in description and at end of clip.

Thanks for that. Happy landings


Phillip Leeder

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Impressed with that!
Need to upgrade…

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Many thanks @Mel, it might be worth using an old drone to whizz through the trees…

Or a GoPro on a pole ;o)

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Excellent @milkmanchris. Why didn’t I think of that…?
Now you mention it I do have both items, so if my next video is “drone flight with gopro” be suspicious…