Mini 3 Pro double motor failure 😱

Well decided to give the mini 3 Pro a spin around yesterday everything looked good did pre flight check noticed the front & rear right hand motors felt quite stiff although they span. Anyhoo ready for takeoff left side span up then shutdown & notification informing me of a double motor failure it’s going to Holland for a warranty repair :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ve been practicing with The Mavic 3 is now the go to workhorse i trust the technology & am no longer anxious about putting it up (it’s the cost thing) great machine been testing out the advanced features & very impressed got a few more test to conduct weather looks good for tomorrow so more testing :smiley:

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That happened to mine about three months back. To only one though.
I’d taken a flight, nothing special, just to give it a run out, nothing special happened, weather was fine etc.
I brought it back, but I think I’d forgot to check something that I was supposed to. So went to launch it again. 3 motors span up and I got the message you got on the one that didn’t.
The motor was stiff. I twirled it round a few times as you do, and it seemed to free it. I launched it again, did my thing and brought it back and landed.
On checking out the motor again, it’d gone stiff. I tried spinning the motors again. Message came back up.
Long story short, I sent it off to Dji, and they fixed/replaced the drone. Came back within 10 days👍.
Sent off as a repair.

Could this be a common fault with the M3P🤔

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My thoughts were it’s under warranty I do a lot of flights over water & don’t need or want it failing over water I reside on an isle you see so DJI can have it back & sort it out before I end up with a catastrophic loss !

Yeah don’t blame you.
I just didn’t want it coming down anywhere.
I was impressed with the turnaround though, especially having to send it to Holland :+1:. Good on ya DJI

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It’s on its way back from Holland they found two failed motors & an issue with the vision system an issue I was unaware of ? I must say surprised at the pace DJI work at all in around a week with shipping :smiley:

99% chance it will be a replacement on it’s way back.
They do almost no repairs that aren’t dead simple/quick.

It’s easy if they send a replacement. :wink:

It seems “repairs” get container shipped back to China, stripped back to individual components, each component that can be reused is checked, then “refurbished drones” built from components that pass and other new parts needed, and are then sold as refurbished … or, mainly, used as replacements.

Actually - in truth - DJI do FA in Netherlands … repair/damage assessment (and repair when it’s a very quick/easy job), is all contracted out to a company that does repairs to phones, etc.

A replacement you muse :thinking: Ooh goody I do love an unboxing :grin:

I seem to have a similar issue. My Mini 3 Pro has not been flown for a few months and when I got it out today, one of the motors was stiff and refused to spin up.

I have sent DJI an e-mail. I presume there is nothing I can do about it myself?

I was very much hoping to take it out to the coast tomorrow. :frowning:

When ihe failure code flashed up i span the motors manually freeing up the rear motor however the front motor remained really stiff checked them out thinking there may be some sand or detritus causing the issue didn’t detect any thing obstructing them no issues visually noted Upon firing up the motors only the left side span up & got the error codes. Decided as its under warrenty not to faff about & attempt a bodge repair myself i’ll just send it back & get a replacement.

I am thinking the same. Even if I were to fix it, I would worry about the issue coming back when the drone is 300ft up in the air…

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@OfficerDoofie and @Leylo1971 - do you mind if I ask what you sent to DJI please?

DJI’s repair service system is suggesting I send everything (drone, battery, remote controller and accessories) back, which surprises me a little given the issue is clearly with a single motor on the drone.

Just sent the drone NO BATTERY :wink:

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As Officer Doofie said, drone no battery.

Don’t forget to take an nd filter off if it’s wearing one, SD card out and I took my ID off before sending :+1:


Hello box-fresh

Mini 3 Pro welcome to your new home

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