Mini 3 Pro - Extended Flight Battery [SOLD]

I have a brand new, sealed, extended flight battery that I originally intended to send to @ziceman, but I cannot logistically find a way to get a shipment to them so have had to refund them and am unfortunately looking to sell elsewhere.

Purchased in person by me from BestBuy

The price is £105 shipped to mainland UK only, shipping is via UPS who are the only company who will even look at loose Lithiums without running away. Collection welcome from Plymouth.

If someone wanted to step in as an intermediary to forward it on to ziceman, that might work, but I’m a bit too straight and narrow to be fudging customs forms unfortunately so you can sort it out between you.


@Bobbysmile I’ll take it, if that’s ok with @ziceman

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Hi @Sparkyws was complications in sending it to northern Ireland, I did pay but @Bobbysmile had difficulty in sending it over here so returned money.

Unfortunately I just read PM and asked if he send it to a address in england and I sort it from there.

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No worries hope you get it sorted :+1:t2:

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My country is England I was born and raised in England, I just unfortunately married a Irish woman sorry Northern Irish woman.:scream::scream::scream: So I do have brothers and family and unbelievable another 3000 brothers from different mothers :rofl: all kidding aside I can arrange to get it picked up or pay to post in England :+1: oh I’m proud and northern Ireland is part of the UK and hopefully always will be :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks mate, I’ve been busy after sending payment and thought all was ok until I logged in a few mins ago, I hope @Bobbysmile got it still, understand and respect his honesty in the postal service rules.

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Yeah still got it, we’ll sort it out :+1:

Phewwww thanks @Bobbysmile :+1:

Marking this listing as sold @Bobbysmile :slight_smile: