Mini 3 Pro - Has there been a speed increase in a recent firmware update?

At the end of November I unfortunately crashed and lost my mini 3 pro. No I didnt have care and refresh so I had to buy a new drone which I got last week. (yes got care and refresh this time)
I finally got to fly the new drone today after waiting for good weather to fly. First thing I noticed was that the drone was way faster in its flight than my first drone, even in strong winds. The controller settings are all the same as with the first drone. The camera seems slightly better with colour in video mode to.
So im wondering if its to dur with a firmware update or something.

Just wondering here if you’ve inadvertently got it on sports mode ? :joy::joy:


lol no it wasnt in sports mode, that was the first thing i checked

Tail wind? I got 38mph out of my Mini 2 in sports mode with a tail wind a few weeks ago.

Maybe you accidentally had your old drone locked in Cine mode the whole time :wink:

No matter what mode the switch is in the drone will always take off in normal mode and it will only change when you move the switch after

Nothing that we know about has changed in relation to the speed settings, saying that DJI change things but don’t say :scream:

That used to always catch me out when I first started. I’d take off in cine expecting it to be in cine, but it would take me by surprise when it moved faster😱.

It’s a habit now checking it’s switched to normal, then taking off. Just like when I get in the car and check it’s in neutral before turning it over :+1:

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I thought at first it might be a tail wind but it was faster in both directions and yes i made sure that it was in normal mode, I always make sure to switch it into normal when checking settings before take off while its settings up its home point. I did the same with old drone aswell with the new replacement.
Perhaps the new one is slightly more efficient with its battery and thats why its seems faster. I was only able to use the one battery as it was to cold to stay out to long ( yes it was the battery that came with new drone)