Mini 3 Pro over Battlesbridge, Essex - 13th August 2022

A few shots from Saturday’s fly over Battlesbridge, Essex. Was a bit windy, but the Mini 3 Pro handled it like a …pro.

All shots edited in Photoshop from Raw files


Nice pics. Where did you TOAL from?
I am planning on going to Battlesbridge soon. I’m working my way along the river crouch, been to Wallasea Island, South Fambridge, Hullbridge next then battlesbridge.

@OldGit62 Thanks very much.

TOAL by hand just on the otherside of the car park wall. I was flying after the antiques shops closed (5pm). I spoke to one chap from one of the shops, he had no issue with me being there and was quite interested to see the view from above.


Genuine question: Are you allowed to TOAL by hand on private land? I’ve been having a bit of a battle with my local council and they’ve said they’re happy with my TOAL outside their land then flying over, but to keep VLOS I’ll have to walk onto the land when I’ve launched and walk off before I land, which is a hassle and will chew through my battery.

What are their reasons for not allowing TOAL ?

Byelaw or just their say so ?

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I was on public land for TOAL - other side of the car park wall is the river bank (river foreshore etc classed as Crown Estate on/ above which flying is allowed).

As for your question, I’d imagine even if you’re TOAL by hand, the fact that you are standing on private land would still see you fall foul of their rules.

There’s a PSPO in place, no bylaw.

I learnt about the the Crown Estates land recently, very cool! I didn’t know it extended to riverbanks though, what demarks the bank? Tide marks?

Yeah, I suspected that might be the case.

Yep. You can find details on how the ownership is defined and may change over time at FAQs | FAQs

Quick summary:

If the process of change is natural, and happens imperceptibly from day to day, then ownership changes accordingly. Therefore, if land ceases to be tidal (e.g. foreshore or riverbed), it becomes the property of the adjacent landowner. Conversely if land erodes and naturally converts to tidal, then it becomes the property of the tidal landowner. Often this can be the Crown.

You can find all their ownsership data at

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That’s really interesting, thanks for the information!