Mini 3 Pro - Pano with latest firmware V01.00.0300 really does do a better job of the sky


Quality pano. No blurry UFO up top. Was that straight from the drone … or in post?

Straight from the drone. No post work on it. Just copied it off and uploaded it to Kuula. I am impressed with that result. :grinning:

As I am. There are a few workarounds in play over the years to fix the sky (straight up :point_up:) … but as a ‘straight from the drone’ 360 goes, that is the best I’ve seen. Well done, and thanks for sharing :+1:

Just updated and tried in the back garden, impressive! The most boring pano ever of my garden, stitching errors as it was really windy but sky is a massive imprisonment


Brilliant and at last, was fed up with the stupid central blur, thought it odd that the Mini 3 Pro could pan up so high compared to the others, can’t wait for this wind to drop and give it a whirl, thanks for the heads up

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You have a bad vertical stitch though

I need to look at my camera settings for pano as there were no separate photos or raw of this but again impressed with the pre stitched jpg that was on the SD from earlier this week. I didn’t need to do anything.


Good old Bolognese junction

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I have not found a way to get the individual photos the M3P stitches together for the pano’s it produces on the drone. If you find a way please let me know.

Mine are stored in a folder called panorama further up the file tree

Yeah, I think you have to turn it on if I recall in the camera settings, but it only shows when you’re actually in pano mode. I turned it on on the M3P that crashed, but haven’t done it on the replacement. Need to try and remember to do before I attempt another.

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I found the setting and now I have the RAW images for the pano I did today - Thanks for the heads-up :+1:


Pano I did today to test to find the setting. I quite like it…

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Not sure what real benefit the raw files are but I have them.

Can’t see me editing them and re-merging them.

Difference between a 12mp and a 120mp (ish photo)

In many cases, JPEG files are adequate.

To create a jpeg file, the camera first takes a raw file, then the camera software plays with the exposure and colours, decides what information it can throw away, to create a smaller file that is acceptable to our eyes (the jpeg).

The raw file would contain everything the camera sensor saw.

If you have the raw file, you can process it in a different way, according to your taste on your computer. Maybe there is detail in the shadows that the camera software did not think was important and it discarded, maybe there is better colour information, or details in the grass. Practically when you’re editing the photo, you can move the adjustment sliders further left or right and still get a satisfactory, hopefully better, result.

The information is present in the raw file, but not in the original jpeg. You can make many different jpegs from a raw file, but you can never recreate a raw file from a jpeg.

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