Mini 3 Pro - Stuck motor 30165 warning

I had a flight the other day when the drone randomly spun out of control for a second before recovering.

The airdata log shows a couple of “Motor is blocked, code: 30165” warnings.

I imagine it’s related to my recent crash.

I do have DJI Care Refresh, so my first instinct is to send it for repair, but I was wondering if it is likely to be something easy to repair myself like some debris in the motor as I’d rather not be without it for the time it takes to send and repair.

Obviously the priority is to have a drone that I am confident won’t randomly drop out of the sky!

What would you do?


It’s more likely a damaged motor than debris, especially based on the video. It doesn’t fall on the ground or damage the wall causing stone to chip.

I’m sure you could buy spare motors from DJI or 3rd party suppliers, but you’d definitely void the warranty and my guess is also the care refresh.

Send it for repairs and if you can’t live without a drone meanwhile, buy Mini 2 as a spare, they are cheap now.

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If it was my Mini 2, I’d repair it myself. If it was my Mini 3 Pro, I’d use my care refresh.

You can access the mobile device DAT files on your phone which provides greater detail than Airdata. For example, it will tell you which motor is blocked. ESC(1) is front left, ESC(2) is rear left, etc.

More info here.

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Thanks, I’ll do care refresh - that’s what it’s for!