Mini Pro 4 Crash

Wasn’t expecting to do this so early on in my drone flying, but I suppose this is when it is most likely!

I got a wee bit overconfident and being inexperienced didn’t deal with it well. I was trying out the tracking and had been walking for about 20 mins before this happened. I should have paused right away or cancelled the tracking but didn’t react quickly enough. So back to flying in large open space until I get more experience.

One of the gimbal mounts broke right off, so I had to use up one of my replacements under the DJI care scheme. The process was really straightforward and I received a replacement within a few days. Only problem was with UPS who delivered it to the wrong address, the people at the wrong address weren’t in so he dumped it in their open porch. I received an email saying it had been delivered with a picture of it in their porch. This has happened before, I live at Bilsland Path, they delivered to Bilsland Road, so we went around and got it right away, someone else could have lifted it though.

Here is the crash vid, (Them damn twigs!).


Lots of us have had the twigs… Horrid moment…


The main problem of using follow me mode in wintertime, twigs :wink::wink:

Sorry to see your crash as a new drone flyer this is one of my fears so only flown in open space so far and have DJI Care if the worst happens

And it had been going so well :joy:

Thing is, I had originally planned in taking the path going to the right but at the last minute decided to take the path to the left and climb up the steps to get some footage at the top as there are some great views from there. Wish I had stuck to my original plan.

Really glad I took out DJI care, I’ll have to be really careful now as I only have one exchange left this year.

It was a bit of a downer at the time but I’m keen to get back out again, just have to wait until the weather improves.


I broke the gimbal on my Mini 3 Pro last year ( hit some railings whilst landing and it headed straight down onto a paving slab from about 3,1/2 ft high ) Got mine repaired through insurance ( Coverdrone ) by Heliguy in Newcastle. A bugger when it happens :wink::wink:

Just remember - Trees are dicks :flushed::man_shrugging:t2::smile:


Forget looking out for air ambulances, the biggest peril for not keeping VLOS is the tree ;o)


At our RC model flying club in Leatherhead, we issue anti-magnetic tree stickers - they definitely work as I’ve never put one on my plane and flown into the trees multiple times😁

:joy: Thanks for the laughs guys.

I’ve ordered some of these anti-tree magnetic stickers, they were hard to find but managed to source them from a guy on ebay, his shop is called MugsRU. Worth checking out. He’s got a great selection of really useful hard to source items, the long stand, tartan paint, the almost impossible to find glass hammer and the creme de la creme, the never arriving package courtesy of Yodel.

Ahh but does he sell “ long weights”, and a “bucket of steam” ?

I enquired unfortunately he doesn’t currently have stock of these items. He could get them but although there wouldn’t be a long weight, he suggested a few substitutes,

Sparks for the grinder
Left handed screwdrivers
A Hard punch

And the very rare - Flux Capacitor

(I used to work beside a guy who went into a car spare parts supplier and panicked as he couldn’t remember the name of the part he was after and in desperation asked the guy if he had a Flux Capacitor. True story.)