Mini2 makes it to seaside at last!

Dodging the showers and hail on a recent trip to Suffolk coast I managed to get a few different photos from the usual local ones I’ve posted before.


The forth shot of the water is wonderful! Great capture of the light and shapes.

Thank you!

Hi Geoff, whereabouts are you? I’m in Suffolk as well, near Bungay.

I’m in Bucks!


Cracking pictures of the waves breaking, did you have a filter on the camera . :+1:

No, no filters used. Thanks for the compliment :+1:t2:

Yes, very nice picture of the wave top. Having no artistic bent I am amazed how people make nice images from something so simple.

Thanks. Just right place, right time! (and a Mini 2 at hand🙂)

Somebody has just given me a coastal flyer badge for some Mini2 photos from last June, that seem to have “surfaced”. That’s nice, thank you👍🏻

May, not June. Even better.