Missed it

Looked out of the window half an hour ago and sunrise was stunning. Bright red. I rushed down stairs grabbed the 2 pro, went outside put it up and this is what I got.

Yep In 3 min the colour had virtually gone.


Quick Snapseed, HDR the shit out of it



Same here. I was on a train to preston, they wouldnt stop the train so i could capture it​:rofl::rofl:

Never mind im going to scotland for the weekend , my drone and camera are with me, hopefully the weather will behave

I hadn’t got round to that, thank you. But it’s still not as dramatic as what I wanted to capture.

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You can never have enough HDR ;o)

Do we need a “Nothing to see here” badge? :blush:

Oh I’ve been there mate, looked out the bedroom window the other morning, amazing sunrise, went downstairs for camera, came back, GONE?! :man_facepalming:

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