Mix and match FC & ESC

I no I’m coming across a little needy at the mo due to all the post I have on but I’m desperate to get back in the air as I’m on holly bobs next week and plan on getting some air time in…

This just a quick question which is can you mix and match FC & ESC as Iv just been notified by BG stating my new ESC wont be delivered anytime soon so do I want my Money back…

TBH looking on unmanned tech the don’t have any Iflight ESC in stock hence why I was wondering if I could mix and match with other makes?.

Assuming you mean an all in one ESC, then the Short answer is YES, but check the cables and wiring between the two. I nearly bought a non Mamba ESC to go with my FC, but then I found stock. If you use a short “ribbon” style cable, check the pins match! You should be able to see the pin outs on both ESC FC on the manuals to check

You can adjust the pin outs accordingly as needed… I actually have a MATEK flight controller with solder pads instead of connectors on my little 2" quad… this when a FC broke and I just replaced that.

It’s just a case of making up or modifying cables


Yes you can. I replaced the Matek 411 mini on my iFlight Titan with a Kakute H7 full size FC. The ESC is an original iFlight AIO. Just as @Yith suggested I had to modify the cable from the ESC to FC as some of the connections were in a different order.

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From what Iv read above I should be ok with something like the below, just means Iv solder the other end of the plug in lead to the ESC. Or do I just say sod it and wait till the Iflight ones come back in stock :thinking:

Whats the FC you connecting to?

Iflight not 100% as its the 1 that came in my Nazgul looking at it on line it says its this one iFlight BLITZ F7 Flight Controller …

So the inputs the FC you want are this order:


Looks like the ESC KM50 pro anyways, you solder to ESC the right wire. Can’t find manual for it. R6 is the telemetry pin from the ESC, and going to UART6 on betaflight config

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