MM2 Damage how to repair

Hi, I have done some slight damage to my MM2. One of the rear arms got dislocated. That’s how I can best describe it… Has anyone replaced one before, or can offer advice on whether it’s achievable, or should I send it off for repair, to ??? or DJI. The arm is back in place but the black disc beneath it must be damaged as it now moves, thanks.

@speatuk is your guy :+1:t2:

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Yep can be done cost me £20 for another arm and took me less than 20 minutes to fix it.

eBay is your friend
YouTube how to do it

If it is only dislocated you maybe able to repair it by dismantling and refitting.


Hi, thanks for answering my posting.


Really useful. Thanks. I must get a replacement. I think plastic piece that stopped the black disk rotating is broken.
Cheers Dave.


IFf you have DJI refresh, send it back to DJI, after all, why pay for something and not use it.

Just like insurance! :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks Andy, yes if I had Refresh I could send it back. But unfortunately I don’t have it,
Incidentally with Refresh does it have to go back to China,USA etc.?

I believe it goes to DJI in the UK, at least that’s what I have been told. I have Refresh, but (touch wood) I have never needed t use it (YET)

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I believe you have to send it to Europe for DJI Refresh. Not 100% though like you I’ve never had to use mine as of yet.

It goes to Holland and they ship you a reconditioned replacement.

Contacted DJI via the app, they emailed postage label, boxed the MM and dropped it off to DPD. Tracking showed drone arrive at DJI next day. Repair confirmed after about 12 hrs. Posted back within 24. Just waiting for DPD but that was because of the weekend.
Whether the MM has been repaired or a refurbished unit sent out we wait and see. Did put a small mark on it so we should know.
Either way impressed with the service.

Odds on refurb ;o)


Totally expecting a refurb but at last it will fly!

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Just an Update, the arm was not damaged, which would have been a relatively simple fix . The impact ripped the axis out of the middle housing, this resulted in a complete strip down and new housing. Bit outside my abilities, as I suffer with shaking hands and it entailed 12 soldered joints.
So it went off to a repair centre and returned to me in 3 days. . Cost 163.00.
Good service though.

Refurbished it was… now we need another air2s!

MM for sale.