Mobile editing?


Does anybody use any decent mobile editing apps for raw footage direct off the drone?

I find DJI Go 4 destroys the quality after exporting it, even when you have downloaded the original to edit with!


If you’re talking about iOS there are a lot of video editing apps out there from Apple’s own iMovie up to probably the most professional at the moment, LumaTouch. I haven’t used either to edit any drone footage but as it’s saved in MOV or MP4 format I don’t see any problems.


Give Quik a go
Exports 1080


I didn’t even think of trying Imovie, i always forget about that one!


Good call on Quik, I’d forgotten that. However, remember it’s more for generating random movies from clips supplied than full move editing, although GoPro have an app for that too.


The results from Quik are obviously not as good as if you pour over Adobe Premiere of Final Cut Pro X for hours but for quick edits done on the mobile device it’s pretty impressive.

There are a lot of options and it’s not just a case of using the auto-edit. DJI GO 4 editor is also pretty capable when you get into it. Just a bit fiddly.

The biggest miss vs desktop edits is colour grading.


colour grading is a must as I shoot in D-cinelike. think I’ll just stick to editing in premier :slight_smile:
the DJI editor would be fine if it didn’t kill quality once exported!


It appears DJIGo4 has had its video editor upgraded… if your happy with the auto selector you can upgrade the footage to HD. Which is a bonus, however I find the pre selected clips are still awful.

still no option for this in the custom editor though which is annoying.


When I have to I use Lightroom Mobile on my iPad.



There’s a LightRoom app too?!???


Certainly is - Lightroom CC for iPad.

And it’s free :+1::+1:


Adobe clip, similar to Go4 editor but better


LumaFusion on the ipad is simply excellent. Import footage from the camera roll (links, doesn’t take a copy like iMovie, so doesn’t eat loads of space).

Supports a good set of transitions and title options, some good speed, alignment and cropping options as well as very good control over colours, filters etc along with basic key frame support.

What’s more it is FAST. No creation of proxy files, just import and edit. Much faster editing 4K video in my iPad than my maxed out iMac!