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My partner works in a preschool and they have been incubating 5 duck eggs. We had to bring them home at the weekend as they were due to hatch
Feisty little buggers.


Is this an overhead drone shot of Boris?

10 years ago :scream: celebrating with my mate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Gary after the most amazing game/season ever!

One of the best days

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Wayne, there is another side to you we must all meet at the big meet V2.

Get in my son…….! Yeahhhhhh


Steve you did meet that side at the last meet! V1 but you were too pissed to remember :joy::joy:


This is true I was. Got to stay sober this time :see_no_evil:

Where was this bugger 10 months ago?

Lifting roof trusses.
Not yellow.
[Couldn’t see the axles.]
On my doorstep. :man_facepalming:

Staying sober isn’t an option. Not having pints of JD is a better option :wink:

Hahahahaha I blame @notveryprettyboy


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@SirGunner bought the bottle. Blame him :joy:

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You can lead a horse to JD but you cant make him drink it :laughing: