Mobility accessible sites near Nottingham?

HI just checking in. I’m an experienced radio-modeller of some 25 years, but new to drones.

Based in the Nottingham area, and looking for good flying spots that are accessible to someone on a mobility scooter (not me, my regular flying buddy).

Most of the places I know are off the beaten track and access is blocked by fences, stiles, cattle grids and the like. If anyone knows of quiet, disabled-accessible spots a beginner can learn without being bothered by kids, dog, runners, bikers, hikers and clipboard-wielding do-gooders, PLEASE drop me a message, ta :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome. Can’t help with sites I’m afraid - unless you holiday near Portsmouth. as to being bothered by the great unwashed :slight_smile: it is a lot easier if there are the two of you - one to fly the aircraft, the other to distract the curious and explain that drone flying takes immense skill and concentration. It helps if you make the first move - a cheery good morning, how are you? helps disarm a lot of the drone-botherers

I’m not local so don’t know for sure, but are some of the paths around Bennerley Viaduct accessible?

Thank you both for your replies.
Bennerley viaduct definitely deserves a look. Its 15 minutes from home. I’ll check out the access this week.

yeah looks good

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Hi Gavin, I also have mobility issues, I have 2 mobility scooters, a big I use for getting around locally, I recently got a TGA Breeze 4 second hand. I am still sort of checking it out, so I have done 15 miles on it without a charge and there was still plenty in the battery according to its indicator. I live in Bournemouth so there are a few places I can go locally.

I also have a small scooter in the back of the car, I have to assemble as it wont go in the car in one piece, so I have used it for flying in other spots I can drive to, as long as there is a decent path to a take off point it is fine, it copes on hard compacted gravel but not on loose gravel or sand, and it is fine on grass as long as it is dry.

It does limit the places you can go, but if you get as close as you can with the car its not so bad. As long as you can still see the drone then you can get to lots of spots by flying there.

Obviously I don’t know where to fly in your area, but one thing I did was to look on Google maps using the satelite mode and zoom in to see what pathways looked like, you could use Google Earth as well. I certainly found it helpful as you could have a good look to see if it would be ok for the scooter.

At the end of the day I would say just get out there and see what suits and what doesn’t. but don’t be put off if a few don’t work out, go with an adventurous mind, we can have just as much fun as the next guy, and at least we have somewhere to sit. :smiley::smiley:


Gavin got on here before I did, he’s kind of asked the mobility question on my behalf!

thanks for the response!

Its not like I move all that fast either…

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Thanks @kvetner for the Bennerley Viaduct suggestion. The viaduct itself is not all that inspiring, but the site was easy to access with my friend’s buggy. Also the disused waterworks just to the north has promise as a general-purpose flight practice/test zone. It is flat and mostly deserted, with plenty of concrete to launch from. Just be conscious of the proximity of the railway line and watch out for the open manholes to god-knows-where. And the thugs on motorbikes–most of whom were quite friendly actually–just don’t stand on the parts they are using as their impromptu racetrack.


Glad that worked out. I’m going to pay it a visit some day as well.