Model Airfields MADB

Anyone using this Android App?

It looks as if you have to be a member of BFMA to use the sites. I may consider swapping to BFMA when my FPVUK expires.


It might help some of us if you actually said what those fla’s actually meant!

Not heard of this app, I’m guessing it’s this one @Davo_101 ?



The GooglePlay link within that second site, goes back to the self, same, app page. :wink:

In other news …. JEEEEEZ! Never knew there were so many! :open_mouth:

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Sorry - its this one …

The GooglePlay link on that page goes to the same page as @PingSpike’s first link. Same data - first link is the app.

Lol :smiley:

Can you tell I replied in a hurry? :blush:

I want for BMFA. Had a look around my area and very few include multi-rota as a type they include!

Went for BMFA,