Came across this today, free account allows 2gb of storage.

No proper embedding for posting here (that I can find yet), but still good full screen options looks ok, not as many options as Kuula, but always on the lookout for alternate platforms

Pano taken above my house on Thursday last week, 23 shots on Litchi, stiched with PTGUI on OSX, levels etc played with in Photoshop.


I might be able to help with that… give me 10.


Exciting times cheers Rich ;o)

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We only allow embedded iframes from trusted third party domain names. I’ve just added Momento360 to the trusted list.

Rough and ready fix, might need a bit of fine tuning, but for now you can embed using:

<iframe height="300px" width="100%" allowfullscreen="true" src=""></iframe>


Awesome, cheers Rich ;o) Can even make it bigger (640px in this example)

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Shame it doesn’t use a mobile device sensors to rotate.

Yeah it no longer fits on my screen at that point :rofl:

Can @PingSpike make it rain twice ;o)

Edited down to 640px (as Kuula default is I believe), any better?

Remind me…

Can YouTube 360 videos use mobile device sensors when embedded? :thinking:

Or are the sensors only able to be used in fullscreen? I can’t actually remember…

Yup, now it fits :slight_smile:

… I think.

I’ve said it before elsewhere on here.

iOS13 is the single worst thing Apple have ever done.

Don’t know why it doesn’t work on droid tho…

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Bloody hell!

Kuula works with the gyros … but there is a setting in Kuula (for each pano) where you have to enable it.

They stopped access to the vibration thing too, so when you click a Like button here it doesn’t feedback at all :man_facepalming:

Ah right…

Back to you then @milkmanchris ?

The Kuula “setting” may just add something to the iframe content.

As Dave said