Monsal Head - Added to Bridges in the East Midlands region on the map at

I have just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

A most beautiful spot to fly and capture pictures and video.


I’ve been coming here for years! Often en route to Bakewell :blush:

The little cafe next door to the pub is ace.

What I’ve not done yet, is go back here since I got my drone!!

That viaduct would be amazing to shoot, right??

Thanks for sharing, just added this to my ‘wannafly’ list :smiley:

(not my pic, just posting for reference!)

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@PingSpike, we’ll have to have a get together and fly our Grey Arrows there. It is my wish, that when I die, my ashes are scattered from the viaduct. This view to me is the best view in the world. Apart from my bank statement show a balance of £100,000,000,000! :wink:



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Dave, if your bank balance had that many zeros on it, you could probably buy the entire viaduct :rofl:

But yes, defo sign me up for a meet up round that way in the spring!

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I was there yesterday and got a few photos:

Tip: you can park for free on Butts Road if it’s not too busy.

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