More expense! (And me being a numpty. D'oh!)

@Yith and I had a bit of an inspection of my various antennas last night. I’d always been of the opinion that all my stuff was RHCP, but Richard noticed a couple of them labelled with LHCP - one currently on the Nazgul and another on my goggles, along with a tall, Foxeer omni that is unmarked.

Oh well, I guess I’d got it wrong and I was LHCP.

But as I was putting everything away I noticed a big “R” on the Croc antenna.

So I searched through my email receipts and it turns out that the Foxeer is RHCP. So I’m actually running one of each on my goggles (in ‘mix’ mode).

So now I’m shopping for the cheapest way to sort this mess out. :rofl:

Well, if you want to rid yourself of a RHCP antenna to pay for your new LHCP antenna then I’ll take it, or someone else will… I will pay (if I take it…)

Options are - replace the RHCP on the Croc (this or this)

Or a pair of RHCP omnis to replace the LHCP ones I’m currently using.

Not much in it, price-wise. The impatient option is Flywoo one at YourFPV, given that it’s in stock and in the UK. If only I’d know about all this when I bought the Rekon off them on Tuesday - free delivery over £100 and it arrived the next day. :person_facepalming:

There is another option… get some DJI Goggles :star_struck: theyre LHCP but maybe not the cheapest solution :rofl:

Or sell the lhcp to gunja

Oh yeah not looked into antennas for DJI. Though been an expensive week. Drones plus cars don’t mix

Oh yeah. The windscreen. bum

I saw something about that, wasn’t your car Martin?

Wasn’t my drone…I’m better than that

And still carless! 3 days grrr

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Is that your car Martin? What happened man? :scream:

Pm in you

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Damn you. :rofl:

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Did he offer to pay your excess?

Cars all sorted today. Basically it was someone else’s arm and fly away. They had disarmed straight off the bat, nothing “silly” as such.

The damage has been paid for, so not out of pocket, just a few less hours of flying today than wanted.

But boy a 5 inch drone disarmed after a fly away did that damage… Imagine if it hit my head?!.. It might damage my lovely new DJI goggles … Stay safe kids :laughing:

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:rofl: Worry about the important things like your shiny new goggles lol
Glad you got it sorted out mate :+1:t2: