Morecambe Beach and kite festival

Just an effort involving Morecambe kite festival a couple of weeks ago. As always, all comments welcome, even negatives, or you don’t learn from your mistakes do ya​:+1::grin:. Cheers


Really nice video.

I suspect I’m in the video on the beach by the kites. I thought it was @stevesb flying but your video follows the path I remember seeing a drone.

Great weekend and Morecambe is rarely without wind to fly a kite.

It could have been either of us, as i believe @Leylo1971 Ady was in the air at the same time as me and confused my drone for his for a moment.

Yeah Steve, as I remember your mini 3 was near enough bang on above me, it was confusing a little for a second :joy::thinking:. @Crackerjack, I think I missed the better kites, didn’t know it was on tbh, defo going up again great day like you say.

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