Morning from Manchester

New on here thanks to Rich. :+1:t3:


Welcome smecky. Any questions just ask!

Welcome from a fellow manc.

Where in our lovely city are you from?

Hi there.
I’m in Mosley common. Was hoping to get up and fly this afternoon but having been stuck on m6 for the last two hours not very likely. :persevere:

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Welcome @smecky
So let it out . What were you going to Fly today if you got the Chance?
Rain :cloud_with_rain:over the weekend here in the North West

welcome, Im in Scotland, but always seem to be working at the mo, but enjoy yer stay…

Hi there.
I did manage a little flight with the Mavic Pro at work for the site agent over a bespoke building. They normally get the pros in.he was looking close at the building, told him I had a drone in my van.
Can you fly it over and get some pics for me.
Not a problem. Straight out and flew it for about 20 Mina of footage for the gent.

Welcome once again.

I’m in wythenshawe. Right next to Man Airport so can’t fly round where I live.
With my work rota and crappy weather it’s been a while since I had her up. Hoping for some.decent weather over the weekend as I’m off.

Welcome aboard.

Welcome @smecky great to have you on board mate, thanks for signing up :+1:

Told you we had a strong North West presence lol :rofl:

You mentioned looking for places to fly, be sure to check our sister-site:

Where where you when you got that NFZ flight warning?

I was in keele university

I used to get warnings about nfz the second I turned my mavic on with living so close to the airport.

I sometimes go to a local park which is far enough away from the airport as the flight path is in the opposite direction. However I still got the warnings.

I rolled my FW back to .0700 and now I haven’t seen any warnings since.

I read a thread on another forum which states earlier FW is less invasive with NFZ’s

No issues that I’ve experienced flying the mavic with the earlier FW either.

Welcome smecky from the North East great forum :grinning:

Hi :wave:t2:
Another Manc to the crew :muscle:t2:

Weather Is Spot on this Morning @smecky

Got a guide for that?

Any issues running an old Mavic firmware with a current-release CS firmware?

I’ve seen a few unis classed as NFZs :confused:

Yeah I followed a guide online, I’ll dig it out and post it here. Worked like a charm.

I’ve only flown briefly since doing it as I didn’t have a fully charged remote so I only had it up for a few minutes but no obvious issues at all.

@PingSpike this is on Mavic pilots…

i am running .400 at the mo, with no apparent issues… :clinking_glasses:

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