Mosedale viaduct Cumbria

Trying out my new mavic air here in Cumbria, such a nice day but a bit cold for my old fingers so wasn’t out long.


I know the feeling I met up with @mickydd yesterday and had the same issue I am a wuss or just old age

Ah, what you need, and bear with me on this, is finger-tip-less arthritis gloves. I know it sounds daft but they are softer, warmer and much better than normal gloves, you even forget you’re wearing them when flying! I have two skin coloured pairs, couldnt be without them and not expensive. You want the lycra ones. However the same can’t be said for the head solar panel :fearful:

Will give them a go
Btw how do you go on flying up in barrow being so close to the BEA plant?
My mate did some PM work up there on the airport…

To be honest theres not a lot to recommend Barrow for flying lol. You cant fly on the airfield, but as its a recreational field you can fly with a token on a weekend after the glider club finishes about 4-5. The biggest restriction is around DDH on our site, try to fly there at your peril…cant say anymore. Live in the restricted zone and its a f**** pain cause I have to go down the bottom of the island if I want to test something lol