Mother Drone


That is some pretty fancy flying and obviously a very small drone, and not the one dropping food for the chick. It does however show how useful that sort of flying could be for checking machinery spaces etc, but then a bunch of fixed cameras could do the same.

I have no idea what sort of fire rating a drone could have, on product tanker ships anything you take out on deck or into the pump room has to have a certain fire rating so there is no risk of the device igniting any explosive vapours

One drone may be cheaper than multiple fixed cameras and better than cameras that have already been fried. Maybe they can attach one to the end of a hose that sprays ahead and gets into places humans would get singed. I think swarm technology is the thing though. Just dreaming…?

Not everything is what it claims to be.

The only drone I saw in the video was a DJI Spark which cannot be manipulated by waving your arms around as if in the Minority Report.

More and more these days there appears to be an increase in vapourware in the tech industry being supported by manipulated video and CGI.


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Hard to know really

Oh dear, poor vulture will be booting father out for a drone. Watch out for vultures when out. They might be looking to get fed.

I think Daddy vulture was dead or AWOL