Moverio BT-300


I was a real early PSVR adopter, I still love it to death now too.

As for the motion sickness, depends what I’m playing, and for how long I think? :thinking:

Something fast paced like Driveclub does my tree after a while - it’s a fantastically immersive experience though.

Stuff like being able to simply turn your head and look over your shoulder to see what’s behind you… madness… Or poke your head out the window like a mentalist :rofl: Even the little things like being able to lean in closer to the dashboard, or turn your head to look in the door mirrors… the technology is insane :clap:t2:



I bought the Vive for my lad a few month ago. It’s an amazing bit of kit.
I recall it was an extra 100 notes at the time for the wireless option but he didn’t want that.
Now he wont shut up about it, the link you mentioned quotes £259 for the adaptor. It’s got I don’t think so written all over it.
You tried google earth on it, very basic but quite clever.


I’ve spent so much time in google earth it’s unreal - it’s one of THE best Vive experiences.
After having the Vive, wired, for 6 months before getting the TPCAST Wireless Kit, I feel justified and qualified in saying that going Wireless makes the the Vive 80% better :slight_smile:


I was seriously tempted to buy another vive and laptop as my entertainment package as i work away all week.
It has a sculpture package which is amazing. I was hooked on that for a while.
Think I will just get the Moverio glasses instead.
Roll on Christmas Day, i am truly excited this year,


Now ordered for Christmas
I’m a happy boy


Excellent - we expect a full review by the end of Boxing Day :smiley:


You might actually get a go of them over Christmas.
It’s the only time i can find for a meet up


My Christmas present to myself arrived today.
I had been tracking it on amazon all day as i knew nobody would be home.
The delivery driver left a £500 item on my front doorstep.
The tracking app said “delivered - handed to resident” but this is a load of crap.
I had to contact a neighbour to bring it in rather than see it go missing, but how lax is that.

We haven’t signed for it I assume the responsibility is with Amazon.
I am shocked they leave expensive ticket items like this just sat there.


Tell them it’s gone missing and get another one … and I’ll buy one of them for £300. :wink:


I’m so bloody tempted to do that Dave.
I have been on edge with this all week when i saw a parcel the mrs ordered just sat by the front door at weekend.


I had a phone I bought from Amazon just go missing in transit - and they quickly sent another.
About 6 weeks later the initial one turned up - I contacted Amazon and they said they’d send me the return details by email. Nothing ever arrived.
Amazon BOGOF! :+1:


Had exactly the same thing about 3 years ago with an ASUS Laptop, showed as being in the Citylink Depot, waited for deliver for two days, finally went to the depot to collect.
“Sorry mate, we have not got it!”
Contacted the supplier, they sent via a different delivery Courier, arrived next day.
Son was a happy bunny!.
1 week later original Laptop arrived, again contacted supplier, gave all the details"… heard diddly squat for 3 months… now sits on my desk !.