Moving Home - No. of Bedrooms? Parking? Drone Friendly?


I’ve moved home a few times now, but since getting into this drone malarkey, considerations in this department have become important to me. Is it just me or does anyone else consider this when planning to move?

And as a side question, does anyone live in or near a HIRTA area? I’m looking at a village called Headley, which is right on the edge of the zone affected by Oakhanger HIRTA. Are all HIRTA’s created equally? I found a lot on line about Oakhanger…




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Certainly something I’ve been checking as I’m also planning a move.

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Iv spent a little bit too much time down here for my liking :joy:

The red area around the A3 is for Bordon and Longmoor Army Camps to my knowledge there has been no military presence here since around 2015 when the Roya Electrical and Mechanical Engineers moved to what was RAF Lynam.

There are signes everytime you leave a footpath warning of military debris and unexploded ordnance.

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I’m in Guildford at the moment. Every house >= 15 miles west that my better half has found has been rejected as a bit meh… She doesn’t know why and I’m not telling her :grinning:

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Try the Woking area just to let you know also fair oaks airport allows you to fly your drone at the airfield with granted permission which is also near to mclaren head office as well

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I must admit to rejecting a quite nice house I was looking at because it lay within the exclusion zone for BAe Warton :frowning: