MP Gimbal Tilt Limit post Panarama Shots

I discovered, today, that if you have the gimbal upward tilt limit set to 0˚, after using the Panorama Photosphere mode this limit is temporarily removed and the -30˚ limit is available … even if you switch back to single shot mode.
Checking the setting, it still claimed to be limited to 0˚ … but this only becomes effective again after rebooting the MP.

This was on Android 4.01.22 and Firmware 01.04.0100.

Didn’t try the other Pano modes, today - may or may not apply to some/all of the others.
I’ll check the other Pano modes another day.

Is this a bug? Or by design?

When I used to use Hangar360 it would always change my photo settings from JPG+RAW to JPG only.

It it never bloody changed it back!! So I’d carry on after a Hangar shot, take some nice pics, get home to then find out all I had was JPGs :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

We’d need to know what DJI intended to answer that. :wink:

A bug, in my mind. When you switch back out of Pano, it should turn off anything added for Pano.

Blooming annoying if taking Pano and vids at a distance that makes rebooting necessary to get rid of it.

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Yup, true…

Even more true :smiley:

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