MP Pano Stitching - HiRes/Onboard?


The M2P/Z introduced hi-res onboard stitching of panos - rather than the downloading 34 jpeg images to your device and stitching in the app … to a rather low-res stitched image…

Release notes for the MP haven’t said they’ve changed the method on the MP … but it would seem a logical change to make (if they can), and since I’m not on current firmware/app, I wouldn’t know if this change has happened.

Anyone on most recent firmware/app able to confirm if they’ve changed it or not?


Considering they someone said the reason for no Precision Landing at product launch was due to the lack of processor overhead, how on earth can they offer this feature? :thinking:

Although I’m guessing it only does it once landed…

Also interested to know how long the process takes :+1:t2:


I think the processor overload was in relation to the hi bit-rate video (and non corrected barrel distortion) … which you can’t be recording what you did a pano or process it.

Edit: I think it can do it whilst in the air and download the result, too.
Would also like to have details confirmed.


I’d say I’ll check that for you but you know that’s going to end :rofl:


Ha! :wink: