Mudeford Huts

As I thought the weather today was great for flying, so this was over Mudeford Huts.


Ok clever guy - how on earth did you manage that? Please teach a newbie? Why did you take off from?

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Hi Bruce, well I had a lot of help from the guys on here, especially OzoneVibe, to get to this point, when you get back home we could spend a few hours together. Does the Air take pano shoots, it uses the same DJI Go 4 app, so I would guess it does. The app takes 34 pictures going round and up and down, so then you need something to stitch the shots together and then a bit of editing to get the final image to upload on to We can go through it when you are back.


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I don’t know what all the black stuff in the sea is, on one of the video shots I took you could see it drifting with the tide I guess.

This is the same pano as above but something different if you look up, I’ve sort of copied the idea from someone else.