Multi charger for both DJI Mini 1 & 2 batteries, not usb hub?

Is there a multi charger to charge both mini 1 & 2 batteries, I’ve got 3 of each, obviously two different hubs, a newer mini 2 will charge the mini 1’s.
Ideally would the singular battery cables that connect to individual mini 2 batteries fit the older mini 1 terminals, as both look the same?
Need a better solution to charging both types of batteries quicker whilst travelling around. I’ve got a decent 12v converter in the car

Just found out that Mini 2 batteries are 8.8v and mini 1 are 8.4v each, possibly charging the mini1’s would get warmer than usual

Don’t forget one is LiPo the other is Li-Ion.

Yep just found out one of my mini 1 batteries is not charging much now, so bought a multi charger for mini 2’s and a new battery from dji using some accrued discount credit, thanks buddy